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Gingerbread House 30th November

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Wed 30 Nov
  • Wednesday, 30 November 2022
  • 7:30pm - 10:00pm
  • St James's Church, Ryde


Gingerbread House Image.jpg

Join us this year for the St. James's Church Gingerbread House evening where we gather together to build a Gingerbread House, enjoy a Christmassy evening out with our friends, some tasty refreshments and listen to what Christmas means to one of the women from St. James's Church.

Tickets cost £9.

We are offering 2 dates this year:
Tuesday 29th November
Wednesday 30th December

This booking page is for Wednesday 30th November.

We really hope you can join us. Any questions please email mary@theleggetts.org
Gingerbread Man.jpg
Gingerbread Man.jpg
With love from the gingerbread team

Gingerbread House 2 (16-9).jpgPlease note, the kits are bought from IKEA and are not gluten free (we can give a list of ingredients upon request). We cannot guarantee that we can meet particular dietary requirements with the selection of sweets we provide, but if you have any concerns then please get in touch directly.


St James's Church, Ryde St. James's Church, Ryde. PO33 2NG

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